2020 Wedding Trends

We can’t believe that we are 2 months into the new year and wedding season is quickly approaching! We often have lots of brides who ask us, What’s in? Whats out? What are all of the other brides doing? Well we are here to clear it all up for you!! Take a look at what’s hot and what’s not for 2020!!

girl with flowers in face


Color will be the biggest trend of 2020!!

We are seeing a shift to bold colors and coordination of colors that you wouldn’t typically see together! We are seeing lots of hues of orange and red paired with slate blue type colors. We are also seeing a lot of “winter” shades matched with summer colors. 2020 will definitely be a year of bold colors and less of the traditional color pairings. Brides are leaning towards bold bouquets to carry instead of the traditional White Bride’s bouquet.

girls holding colorful flowers


Lace was a huge trend in 2019. To no surprise, it’s here to stay in 2020.

There’s not much to say here other than lace is here to stay. However, we are starting see a few more variations of lace wedding gowns. It seems the trend is shifting from just lace to more of lace with beading or some added “pop” to the dress. Just as last year, the lace is only being showcased on the wedding gown. We are not seeing a lot of lace through out the wedding theme and we think this will also hold true for 2020 as well.

Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

Take it or Leave it

So this one isn’t in or out. We are seeing a mix of both! We have had brides who want their bridesmaids to match and just as many brides who let their bridesmaids’ personalities shine through their dress option. We love it either way! However, we are seeing that the color does match and the sequin bridesmaid dress is now a thing of the past!! Pastels are also just about non existent. We are seeing more muted colors like slate blue, dusty rose, and lots and lots of wine colored dresses in the winter. Off the shoulder dresses were big in the beginning of 2019, but as the year went on we saw less and less of it. Black bridesmaid dresses are almost never happening and Kayli personally wishes it would make a comeback!

Suits– Not Tuxedos

Grooms are opting for suits instead of Tuexedos– and we are totally here for it!!

An expensive rented tux is definitely a thing of the past! Sure there’s an element of class and tradition with a tux, but lets be real here, they are expensive to rent! Guys are going for practical on this one. Grooms and Groomsmen are purchasing suits for the same price of a tuxedo rental these days!! also… tuxedos that are rented actually look like suits! Gone are the days of the traditional tux, and we are okay with it! We also saw a lot of boots with suits! I think it’s safe to say that converse with tuxedos/suits are out and the boots are here to stay for awhile!!

Comfortable Brides

“Runaway” Brides were very popular in 2019 and there are more to come in 2020!

No, no one left their man at the alter. Thats not what we are talking about here. But we are talking about shoes!! Almost all of our brides wore sneakers or flats in 2019 and the trend is still alive in 2020! We saw a lot of Kate Spade bridal keds this year and we LOVED it!! We haven’t seen a lot of the “something blue” shoe or sassy heels. We get it ladies, you want to be comfy but we want the heels to make a comeback!!!

So there you have it! This is what we are forecasting 2020 will look like. A few other things that are on their way out:

Rustic- Tree trunks and Mason Jars are overdone and played out. Brides are leaning more towards elegance and simplicity.

Sequin Dresses- Sequin dresses are a thing of the past but surprisingly, we are still seeing sequins in reception decor!

Cake/ring pull- We hardly ever have a bride who does a cake/ring pull. We don’t know why, but brides just don’t do it

Bridal Party dance- Okay ya’ll this is sooooo 80’s and is never done anymore. No more awkward slow dancing with that guy you met walking down the aisle at your friend’s wedding!!


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